New Phone

Late last week, I had an untimely incident with my phone. Right before my sprint review, a mug fell a mere 3 inches on my OnePlus One cracking the screen causing the digitizer to stop functioning.

This was the first phone which I have ever broken. I don’t use a case and I take good care of my hardware, generally I will use a phone for 2-3 years. Very frustrating, considering I didn’t even drop the thing. Additionally, this was a replacement phone, my first OnePlus One had a defect, this one was only 3 weeks old!

Anyhow, in a panic, I ordered a 3rd gen Moto G, it cost me $260 off contract, delivered to my door. I have been using it since Wednesday and I must say that I am very pleased with the device. Sure, the OnePlus One is a bit snappier and allows you to keep more apps in memory, but for a budget smartphone, I would highly recommend the Moto G.

ArsTechnica has a more in depth review.

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